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About Us

Your Security is our remit

Here at Regola we have a dedicated team, with a wealth of experience here to help you through the entire process of achieving Cyber Essentials. Whether you just want to know some information or need help each step of the way. Regola has you covered.

Similing Team

Our Story

Regola Digital Consulting was first conceived in 2020. Richard had noted with concern that the pandemic had resulted in a considerable increase in SME online activity, often without acknowledgement of increased vulnerabilities. What could be done? Thankfully, there was a ready-made solution – a certification of good security practice (Cyber Essentials).

By the time the pandemic started to subside, organisations were establishing their increased online activity as normal practice. In 2022, he joined forces with Emily to establish a certification body for Cyber Essentials.  Now, with the help of Shaun Walton, Regola will be adding Cyber Essentials Plus to the Regola offering later this year.

Meet the Team

Here at Regola we have a wealth of experience in our director Richard Henson and business administrator Emily Godowski. We also have a enthusiastic University graduate in our technical director Shaun Walton.

Our Services


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats. 


Cyber Assurance 

Cyber security assurance is the act of reviewing your current cyber security system for any weaknesses, common areas of hacker threats or vulnerabilities to address in the next update. 


Cyber Essentials Plus (Coming Soon)

Cyber Essentials Plus is an expansion upon the “Cyber Essentials Verified Self-Assessment” which includes an audit of the organisations.

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