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Manchester University: Data likely copied in Cyber-attack!

The university of Manchester has been the victim of a cyber attack against its computer systems and representatives believe that their data “has likely been copied”.

It is not currently clear what information has been accessed but the method the perpetrators used is believed to have been through a phishing email campaign. The attack was discovered on June 6th and an investigation was immediately launched. The university is working hard with the National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency amongst others to establish the extent of the attack.

The University has apologised to the community for the breach and assures all those concerned that they are using all available resources to resolve the situation.

This is another high-profile successful attack on a UK institution or business following similar attacks against the BBC, Boots, British Airways, Royal Mail, WH Smiths and JD sports this year alone.

This attack highlights the need for businesses, institutions, and individuals alike to be vigilant and take extra steps to protect themselves against the rising tide of Cyber-attacks. Additionally, there is clearly a need for more resources to be invested in Cyber security defensive strategies, in this particular instance the education sector, a prime target due to the high value of data they hold.

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