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Ransomware: The nasty malware that wants you to pay to get your own assets back.

Ransomware infected laptop image

Ransomware is something you have probably heard of in the news, most notably from the NHS WannaCry outbreak which brought the system to its knees in 2017 causing chaos for patients and staff a like. Its a nasty piece of malware that encrypts your data and can even lock you out of your entire system. Then once infected the cybercriminal will offer to release your data and system for a ransom, hence where the name comes from. It is however never advisable to pay as there is no guarantee that they will release your assets and you will be funding them to carry on and highlighting yourself as a willing payer. It is an attack vector that is on the rise and prevalent in all industries not just the government or technology sectors. Its important to know everyone is a target, and it is definitely worth protecting yourself as much as possible, so you do not become a victim. For more information click on the PDF below.

Ransomware Information
Download PDF • 86KB

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